The X-Corps Universe

The X-Corps Universe is a growing universe for space-based action, adventure, and intrigue.


The history of the Galaxy was long and rich, filled with wars and heroes, expansion and discovery.

The present government was established in 3247. It has survived for some fifteen hundred years. Before that came over a thousand years of expansion and war. The human expansion into the galaxy began during the twenty-second century of Earth's history. Faster than light travel was developed and the first wave of Human expansion began with the settling of the other habitable planets in what would become the Terran sector.

In the centuries following this first wave, humans began to make contact with the other races of the galaxy. Many of these initial contacts went badly, igniting round after round of warfare. This period has come to be called the Alien Wars by both sides. The combatants settled on a truce and later came to form uneasy alliances with each other.

After time these ties became stronger, and both the humans and the other races began to form a loose confederation of states called the Galactic League of States. It survived for only ninety years. The League came apart almost as quickly as it had been formed. Factions on all sides resented the association with the 'aliens' and began a long rebellion against the League. After fifteen years of guerrilla warfare, the League relented and disbanded in 2907.

The next three centuries were a dark time in the history of the galaxy, and showed the growing need for some type of centralized government. The rebel factions that had caused the fall of the League of States now kept the galaxy in a constant state of low intensity warfare, putting down every attempt to form a new government. One Human finally had enough. His name was Nathan Kyzanzky. Kyzanzky met with others who were also fed up with the constant warring. They formed a secret alliance and began planning a counter rebellion, quietly stockpiling weapons and building small fleets of warships. Ten years later, the alliance was ready to make it's move.

They struck fast, hard, and brutally at the rebel factions. Two years later, two bloody years of war later, it was over. The rebel factions had been extinguished, never to ignite the flames of war again. Peace returned to the galaxy and the alliance leaders gathered together and formed the current government.

They organized the new representative government around a Senate. Each Senator represented a sector of space. Each sector was a group of star systems that had been grouped together for political or economic reasons or from mutual defense pacts during the dark times.

The Senate was headed by a President, elected by the Senate to a term of five standard years. Kyzanzky was elected the first President of the Senate. There was no set limit to the number of successive terms a President could serve. Most of the popular Presidents were elected to two and even three terms. It depended on how well each President served during his or her term.

For fourteen hundred ninety five years the government had operated without interruption. Certainly, it wasn't perfect, and there had been adjustments made along the way. But it had lasted. And it had brought profound changes to the galaxy.

The government established a galaxy wide communications network, linking every part of the galaxy with every other part of the galaxy. With the new era of peace in the galaxy came prosperity and exploration. Many scientific discoveries were made. New parts of space in and out of the galaxy were charted and explored.

The galaxy was at peace, but all was not as well as it appeared. For the last century or so, the fringe elements of society have been growing restless. Piracy was becoming an increasing problem galaxy wide....

Echo 13 - The story that started it all. This is the first story set in the X-Corps Universe.

Holly Nyx - A story of intrigue, shady charcters, and lots of dirty deals. Set 1500 years before the events of "Echo-13".

Thieves At Heart - A tale of pirates and privateers set just before the events of "Echo-13".

Danor Sendhel: For Hire - The simple story of a Bounty Hunter for hire.