Short Stories

Short Stories in this section cover a range of topics and settings, past, present, and possible futures. You will also find a few peeks into the behind the scenes proces, the "stories behind the stories" - the inspirations and fustrations that go into the short stories here on

Worlds Apart(?) - The first in a series of stories set in and around, and about characters from New Orleans.

Direct Drive - Another New Orleans story. This one was inspired by a grumble I've often voiced, wishing for a machine such as you will read about. Becareful what you wish for, it just might come true!

The Resort - This story was an entry into a message board Writing challenge on another little lit-zine site. We were all given the same starting sentence and let our imaginations run wild.

Operation Furious Sabre - One of those things I'd much rather WRITE about than actually DO.