River City Concordance


DM - “The Beat Of A Different DrummerMan”
FB - "Family Business"
SS - “The Short Straw”
Vera - "Vera"


Charles Brewster, Senator: Father of Evan Brewster. (SS)
Charles Johnson, Senator: State Senator from Stephensville. Running for governor in the next election. (FB)
David Johnson: Youngest of the Johnson children. Died in a boating accident at age 22. Body was never found. (FB)
Desiree Walker: Ex-girlfriend of Kix's. Works at Mom & Pop's kitchen. (FB)
Dirty Flannel: Robber who tries to clean out the cash register at Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction. (DM, SS)
Evan Brewster: Author, only son of Senator Charles Brewster. (SS)
Jason R. Simmons: The name on the drivers license that Lori pick pockets off of Johnny Stoltz. (SS)
Joe Kamanski: Owner of Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction. (DM, SS)
Johnny Stoltz: Customer at Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction. Stoltz’s name appears on a watch list Lori is given during her undercover assignment at the café. (SS)
Kate Nelson: Reporter for the River City Dispatch newspaper. (DM)
Katherine Johnson-Bonnet: State Attorney General. Married to the head of Bonnet Insurance. (FB)
Katrina Degamo: Sits down at the terminal next to Kix’s just before the robbery attempt in Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction. Kix (DM)
Kix: Drummer for the band “Windjammer”. Late 20s, raised in Stephensville. Parents died in a plane crash when he was 19. (DM, FB, SS)
Lori Murphy: Redheaded waitress at Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction. Lori is actually an undercover FBI agent. (DM, SS)
Myron Oglethorp: County Sheriff and regular at the diner Vera works in. Likes Danishes with his coffee. (Vera)
Richard Whitman: FBI agent, Lori’s supervisor. (SS)
Rosa Javier: Filipino actress, starred in the movie “The Witches Of Siquijor”. Kix searches an internet movie database for more information on her career. (DM)
Sam Gordon (Detective): Criminal detective for the River City Police Department. Recently divorced. (DM)
Steve Lindholm: Ex College romance of Lori Murphy’s. (SS)
Terrance Sanderson, Jr: 38 year old Trekkie who has had his head surgically altered to appear Klingon. (DM, SS)
The Stranger: Leather-clad biker that walks into Vera's dinner armed with a coffee thermos and a shotgun.(Vera)
Vera Childers: Waitress at Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction. Honey blonde hair. From North Mississippi. (DM, SS, Vera)


Cornville: Little town on I-94 Vera worked in before coming to River City. (Vera)
Joltin’ Joe’s Java Junction: Internet café and coffee house, located near down town on the Westside of the river. (DM, SS)
Mom & Pop's Kitchen: A greasy spoon diner a few blocks away from Zapp's Uptown Club. Desiree Walker works there. (FB)
Peterson’s Bookstore: Retail bookstore located in Rivergate Mall.(SS)
Rivergate Mall: Shopping center located just south of Stephensville. (SS)
Stephensville (Moneyville): Rich neighborhood located 45 miles up-river from the coast, where the river diverges into two separate smaller rivers. Stephensville lies in the V between the two rivers. (DM, SS)
Zapp’s Uptown Club: Music club in River City frequented by Windjammer and DeeDee’s Cyko Dawls. (DM)


DeeDee’s Cyko Dawls: Female Indi-punk band. All four girls took “Dee” as a stage name; Jenny Dee, Sandra Dee, Kelly Dee and Miki Dee. All four have also been involved with Kix at one time or another. (DM)
Windjammer: Rock and roll band that Kix drums for. Soon to make the big time. (DM, SS)